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Easter ‘Egg’ Party Games

Eggs are not just for Easter Egg Hunts. These ‘Egg’ games can be played during Easter or at an Easter party.

1. Egg Spoon Race

Prepare a race track with clearly defined start and finish lines. Provide each player with a raw egg and a spoon at the start line. Have each player place their egg on their spoon. When everyone is ready, have an official timer start and time the race. The person with the best time and with egg intact after crossing the finish line wins. To make this race more difficult, pair off players in the teams of two, tie their inner legs (in two or three places) with old socks or nylon stockings, and give each of them a spoon to carry with an egg on it.

2. L’egg Race

Have each player wear old socks. Pair off players, place them inside by side and put a raw egg in each of their socks on the outside ankle facing each other. Loop each of the ankles with a rope and secure the loops leaving at least 1 foot between each ankle. Prepare an obstacle course or race track for them to run. The objective of the game is not to crack the eggs together when running the course. The winning pair will have the best time and their eggs intact when they cross the finish line.

3. Egg Roll

Make off a start and stop point anywhere from 5 to 10 feet apart. Using a hard boiled egg (it can be decorated or plain) have the kids down on the hands and knees. Roll the egg across the floor using only their noses. The first one to the finish line without touching the eggs with their hands is the grand champion nose roller and wins a prize!

4. Easter Egg Bowling

Color some boiled eggs and leave one white. Roll the white one into the center of a room (or the yard) and take turns to see who can roll their egg closest to the white egg. The closest one wins a prize.

5. Egg Toss

Line up partners in two rows facing each other. All those on one side in the first row toss a raw egg to everyone on the other side in the second row. After each successful catch, the players step backward, adding to the difficulty of the next catch. Repeat until all but one egg is broken. The couple with the last unbroken egg wins.

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