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Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Older Kids and Teenagers

Plan creative and purposeful egg hunts for kids and teenagers with our unique ideas.

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Older Kids and Teenagers

Easter Egg Hunt with a Message

Have a regular egg hunt, but in 12 plastic eggs put a number and a scripture telling the Easter Story. Then when the kids find the eggs and are sitting all together call out the numbers one by one and have each person read their scripture. You can tell the story of Easter this way.

Easter Necklaces

Fill plastic eggs with beads to make an Easter necklace. Check crafts stores for bunny, egg and carrot beads, plus pretty pastel ones. Include a leather cord for stringing them.

Easter Coupons

Create “coupons” that kids can redeem for favorite meals, desserts or special privileges (such as a little extra TV time, staying up later, etc) and hide them in plastic eggs.

Teenagers Egg Hunt

When they get up Easter morning have a clue setting on the table for each of them and they have to start from there. Make several clues for each teenagers that they have to figure out and find. At the end of the hunt, for each teenager hide a giant egg with candy and of course money – a teenager’s favorite thing!

You should make it a long and hard look for them, so it will take a little time. If it’s too easy it won’t be any fun. For example, the first clue can be a poem letting them know the next clue is in the mailbox.

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