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Church Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

 Children love Easter Egg hunts, but it is also important that they learn the real story of Easter. Here are a few ideas to combine the story of Easter with an Easter egg hunt.

Story Hunt

Make a copy of a shorter Easter story. Cut the story into pieces and hide in the eggs. At the end of the hunt have the kids put the story together and read it out loud to them.

Empty Eggs

When making up the eggs for the hunt leave a few empty. At the end of the hunt, read the children this verse: Matthew 28:6 He is not here. He has risen just as He said. Explain to them that the tomb was empty because Christ was resurrected. Those empty eggs represent the empty tomb.

Tell A Story Eggs

Instead of filling the eggs with candy fill eggs with items that help tell the story of the resurrection. Items such as a thorn, a piece of linen, bread, coins and so on will be physical items that you can hold up after the Easter egg hunt as you read the story of Christ’s resurrection to them.

Treasure Hunt

Divide the kids into groups and give them each a color. Cut a picture of an empty tomb into puzzle like pieces and put one piece in each egg. Have a puzzle for each group. The groups must find all the eggs and put the puzzle together to get little goodie bags.

Map it Out

Hide pieces of a map along with candy in the Easter eggs. When the kids have found all the eggs help them put the map together and read it. Have the map lead them to a small service project for them to work on.

Have an Easter Carnival

Put tickets to different booths inside the eggs of a specific color (i.e. in the blue eggs hide a ticket to get their face painted, in the pink eggs hide a ticket for a snack, in yellow eggs hide a ticket for a bean bag toss etc.) and hide the eggs. Tell the children that they need to find one egg of each color. Then after the hunt let them go around and use their tickets at the carnival.

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