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Easter Tree Centerpiece – Easter Decorating Project

What you will need:

Easter Tree Centerpiece1. Bucket in pastel color

2. Small frame

3. Easter Stickers

4. Marbles or smooth stones

5. Berry pick in Easter colors

6. Light blue paper

7. Alphabet stickers

8. White Easter grass

9. Paper cutter


1. Bend the stem of the berry pick at a 90 degree angle and then bend
it into a circle so it acts kind of like a stand.

2. Place the berry pick in the bucket and pour the marbles or smooth
stones in until it fills the bucket and keeps the berry pick upright
in the center.

3. Bend the branches of the tree until you get the desired look.

4. Use the paper cutter to cut the blue paper so that it will fit in
the frame.

5. With the alphabet stickers put Happy Easter on the blue paper.

6. Place a fun Easter sticker in the center of the blue paper.

7. Put the paper in the frame.

8. Put the white Easter grass on the table, place the tree on the
grass and put the frame in front of the tree.

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