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Easter Topiary Tree Table Centerpiece

charming topiary will bring the beauty of spring inside to your table.
This centerpiece can be used alone, or other shorter items can be
placed around it to create many unique centerpieces.

What You Will Need:

1. 6” Styrofoam sphere

2. 12” Round Wooden Dowel

3. 6” Ceramic pot or metal pail

4. One bag individually foil wrapped chocolate eggs

5. Silk yellow daisy-like flowers

6. 1Package purple pony beads

7. Blue five petal silk flowers

8. 2 Packages white pearl beads

9. Assorted size light blue buttons

10. One small pick of white roses

11. Teardrop shaped pearl beads

12. Light yellow buttons

13. Pink buttons

14. Hot glue gun

15. Extra glue sticks

16. Purple ribbon

17. Scissors


1. Plug in the hot glue gun, make sure it has a glue stick, and let it
warm up.

2. Begin by pushing the wooden dowel about an inch into the Styrofoam

3. Pull out the dowel and put a small amount of hot glue in the indent
created by the dowel and replace the dowel.

4. Allow the glue to set.

5. Take apart the white rose pick, and insert them around the dowel.
Put them close enough together that they will hide where the dowel
goes into the Styrofoam. You will probably need to use four to five

6. Hot glue blue buttons in a circle around the roses. If looks best
with three rows of blue buttons.

7. Around the blue buttons glue another three rows of white pearls.

8. Set the topiary aside and allow the glue to dry.

9. Cut daisy flowers off of their stems. Leave a about a quarter inch
of stem so that it can be pushed into the Styrofoam.

10. Just above the white pearls begin inserting daisies into the
Styrofoam, one right next to the other, so that there is one row of
daisies. You will need to use the hot glue gun to glue the petals to
the Styrofoam, so that they don’t hang down.

11. When you have finished gluing on the daisies. Glue one pink button
into the indented area between the daisies.

12. Directly above the center of each daisy, and in the same row as
the pink buttons, glue on a blue five petal flower. Put one flower
above each daisy.

13. Just above the pink buttons glue one teardrop shaped pearl with
the smaller end pointing toward the pink button.

14. Above the blue flowers glue one yellow button.

15. Hold the dowel so that you can look down on the center of the

16. Glue a single five petal flower in the exact center.

17. Glue purple beads in a circle around the blue flower.

18. Continue doing this until you have four rows of purple beads
around the blue flower.

19. Just underneath the purple beads glue one row of white pearls on.

20. Hold the dowel inside the pot or pail, and pour in the chocolate
eggs. These will hold the topiary up right.

21. Tie the purple ribbon around the pail, and set on your table to
enjoy during the Easter season.

If the colors used in this example do not match exactly with your
other decorations, feel free to come up with your own colors.

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