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Easter Basket Card – Easter Card-Making Craft Projects

Easter Basket CardMaterials Required:

– Blank white card
– Cream card
– White card
– Ribbon
– Felt tips
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Pritt stick


1. Cut out the basket shape from the cream card, ensuring it is slightly smaller than the blank card. Draw on the weave as shown below using a brown felt tip or pencil crayon.

2. Draw and cut out 5 egg shapes from the white card.

3. Decorate the eggs using felt tip pens or pencil crayons. Below are a few ideas, though you are free to decorate them how you like.

4. Tie the ribbon into a bow, and attach it to the top of the basket handle in the middle.

5. Finally, stick the eggs and basket to the blank card, arranging the eggs so they appear to be in the basket as shown in the main card image.

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