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It is often mistakenly thought that requesting the assignment of the fifth necessarily implies the choice of a long-term (10 years) and for this reason, the decision often focuses on other financial products less appropriate to the characteristics of the applicant, his needs and lacking guarantees to cover risks.

In reality, the choice of duration depends on the amount the customer actually needs; it will be precisely the duration to determine the net amount paid for the same installment taken into consideration.

Sale of the fifth: its main characteristics

In this regard, we clarify better what a transfer of the fifth is and which characteristics make it preferable to other types of financing.

First of all, it can be requested by persons with permanent employment contracts (state employees, public and private) and pensioners, who can obtain it by virtue of their net salary/pension, which can 20% (Presidential Decree 180/1950).

The installment of a transfer of the fifth, therefore, will be determined by the fifth assignable, on the basis of which then calculate the maximum amount to be paid.

It is important to underline that thanks to the loan with the transfer of the fifth you can get high figures that you can find by contacting us and the age required to request it is between 18 and 85 (on expiry of the contract)

Another important element to take into consideration when choosing a loan for the fifth salary is the possibility of obtaining the loan even if framed by the banking system as bad payers, in the presence of protests or other debts in progress.

Being a product with compulsory insurance coverage (life risk and loss of work), the customer benefits from the further advantage of being protected in the event of premorence or sudden dismissal with total exemption from family members or heirs to respond on the remaining debt.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to scramble to look for further guarantees to obtain the requested sum because the transfer of the fifth does not require any external guarantee (third guarantors and guarantors or mortgages on real estate). Only in the event that the applicant is an employee of a private company, the guarantee is represented only for the duration of the TFR loan accrued up to that time, which in any case will allow obtaining a loan equal to two, three, four or five times the amount ‘amount depending on the coefficient of reliability of the Administration for which you work.

Assignment of the fifth: which duration to choose

As repeatedly highlighted, this form of financing provides a maximum duration of 120 months, but this does not mean that the applicant is obliged to sign a contract for 10 years.

The transfer, in fact, allows the choice of the same (duration) from 3 to 10 years, which is why, you are absolutely free to opt for the one best suited to your needs, keeping in mind that it will be the duration to determine the amount maximum obtainable.

It is clear that, in the specific case of a pensioner, the duration will be determined by his / her age; for example, a 78-year-old person has a choice of between 36 and 84 months, as the maximum term is set at 85 years.

Relying on the most competent and organized agency can certainly help to satisfy doubts and perplexities related to the important aspect of choice of duration that affects the capitalization and repayment of interests by the applicant.

A fair and correct valuation method contributes unequivocally to a saving that can be taken advantage of from the moment of the signing of the transfer contract until the total extinction of the loan.

In this regard, we want to bring, for example, a limit situation where the duration for a sale of the fifth pensioners could increase the overall costs of financing precisely because of a close relationship between age, duration, and insurance coverage. There are specific cases in which some insurance companies exceeding 79 years of age, considerably increase the cost of the policy because the same risk is proportional to the advancing age. In that case, a 70-year-old pensioner would have more benefit in choosing a nine-year loan (term of 79 years) rather than 10 years, exceeding the threshold of 79 with a consequent increase in the overall financing costs.

It is always present that access to credit through an Agency must be supported by transparency and advice in favor of conscious choices by the consumer, in order to obtain and always obtain the greatest possible benefit from the request for funding does not make the situation worse at the time of the request.